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The first Moccasin was developed from the methods used by North American Indians. A moccasin construction produces a very light, flexible and comfortable shoe with a distinctive appearance. A 'bag' of leather is formed by hand stitching an apron to a vamp. Because the soft leather goes round the foot, forming a flexible and adaptable 'bag', a moccasin is an exceptionally comfortable shoe. Classification: Business Casual.

Casual Shoe Styles for Sample

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Casual Shoe Styles

No matter what style of shoe you are wearing, even the casual shoe. they need to be maintained at all times.

  • Leather shoes can be kept in good shape with polish or leather cream. If you think you will wear them in all weather, waterproofing spray can be applied.
  • Suede shoes are maintained using a suede brush.
  • Sports shoes are best stored out of the sun, with the laces untied, with room to air and dry, should they get wet.