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A sweater also known as a jumper, pullover, jersey or guernsey is a knitted garment that is put on by being pulled over the head and covers the torso and arms. Classification: Business Casual, Casual.

Casual: Styles for Sample

Casual tops and shirts can include anything from the simple T-shirt to a formal sports shirt, buttoned all the way up with no tie. Choosing a casual shirt is less demanding as the fit does not need be as perfect as for a shirt to be worn under a suit. Casual shirts need to be loose and comfortable and should always be full cut. Tight shirts take on one of two looks; tight and uncomfortable or contrived macho.

Casual: Styles

The style of casual shirt you will wear and prefer says a lot about your personality. There are a couple of rules that should be followed.

  • Knits should not be hung up on a clothes hanger as the shoulders can be pulled out of shape.
  • Woven fabric should be ironed after it is washed. Woven fabric includes denim, cotton and silk.
  • A polo top will also look better when it is pressed after a wash. especially if it is being worn out to lunch or event with friends, where you wish to make a good impression.
  • T-shirts can be worn under shirts if deodorant is not quite helping with perspiration. 
  • Shirts must be laundered after every wear. Just because it hasn't been soiled, it doesn't mean it is fresh enough to go back into your wardrobe.