Sample Results


Flat sandals with several wide cross straps to hold the sole to the foot and one wide strap around the ankle. Copied from sandals worn in Roman arenas by gladiators. Classification: Casual

Sandals for Sample

Sandals are very casual footwear and not appropriate for business wear. There are also safety regulations in some businesses that prevent the wearing of any open toed shoe. Besides this, even "dressy" sandals convey an image of a relaxed carefree lifestyle and not a professional image. Sandals are footwear designed to be worn in spring and summer. The biggest problem with sandals is accumulated sweat, as it has the power to discolour and eventually destroy most shoe fabrics. To combat this you may want to treat new sandals with water and stain protective spray for leather.


No matter what style of sandal you are wearing it is as important for you, as it is for the ladies that your feet are presentable.

This means your feet must be

  • Clean
  • Toenails trimmed
  • Heels free of dry and calloused skin