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Also known as Slim cut, Narrow leg and Pegged. This pant leg tapers down in width from the thigh to the hem. Classification: Business Casual, Casual.

Basics: Width for Sample

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Basics: Width

Pants legs have been as extreme as the Oxford bags pants circa 1924 which had a leg width of 60in (153cm) to the very narrow ankle hugging trouser legs which have recently been back in fashion. First popularised back in the 1960s.

The width of your trouser leg will impact the length of your pants. Anything wide enough for the pants to fall down to the front of your shoe will best be hemmed level with the top of the heel of the shoe.

Shorter pants are hemmed to the point at which they do not start bunching up at the ankle.

Please note the wider the trouser hem, the shorter you can appear if your pants are not hemmed correctly.