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Basics: Rise

Trousers and pants were originally designed to be worn slightly above a man's natural waistline and held in place with suspenders. Today, trousers should be worn slightly below the waistline and may be held in place by either suspenders or a belt (never both). No well-dressed man would wear them positioned anywhere else, because it is only there that the waist is emphasized and the pants can pass smoothly over the stomach and fall in an even drape to the floor. When worn below the stomach and perched on the hips, they make the stomach appear larger and they need a belt to stop them from falling down.

Low-slung trousers cause the crotch to hang low, making the legs appear shorter. It has only been since the development of the ready-to-wear market that belts have been used with business suits. Before this, pants were fitted properly, braces never allowed pants to fall below the waistline, and belts were only worn with sports wear.