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Board shorts have long been associated with surfing. Also known as "boardies", especially in Australia. They are longer than trunks, shorts, or the form-fitting Speedo styles of swimwear. They extend to around knee length. Classification: Casual.

Swimwear: Styles for Sample

After use, rinse swimwear out and allow it to dry naturally, not in a dryer. Salt water and chlorine are both bleaching agents. When washing trunks turn them inside out, avoid hot water and bleach. To reduce fading try soaking a brand new garment in cold water and vinegar. This should set the colour. Set the washing machine settings to cold water and small load. Pour a cup of vinegar into the cold water and let the machine mix it for about 1 minute. Turn the garment inside out (a good tip for regular washing) and place it in the washing machine. Let it mix for a few more minutes, until the garment is submerged. Shut the machine off and let it soak overnight or at least for a few hours. Then turn the machine back on and let it complete the cycle.

Swimwear: Styles

Here are a few guidelines to care for your swimwear.

  • Cold hand wash separately after every wear.
  • Use a mild detergent.
  • Do not wring, soak, rub or bleach 
  • Drip dry flat in shade
  • Do not machine wash, tumble dry or iron
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not roll up when wet
  • Sunlight may fade certain colours

Sunscreens, oils and fake tan may mark and damage swimwear. Take extra care when using these products and always ensure they are completely dry before coming into contact with your swimsuit. 

Avoid contact with rough surfaces including sitting, leaning and lying on rough pool edges or furniture that swimsuits may catch on. Whenever possible always put a towel underneath you.

When in the sun always apply sunscreen before you go out into the sun and take care of your skin. Also, don't forget to rehydrate on very hot days.